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Community Engagement Projects

The heart and soul of our business is about making a difference, for the better, in the wellbeing of a community.


We passionately believe in nuturing and empowering people to take ownership and responsibility in their communities by creating beautiful, creative outdoor spaces where people can grow.


These spaces act as a hub for like minded people to come together and vision change.

Outdoor Learning UK works organically and responds to a communities needs by listening to the people who live there and are in the best position to embed change.


Often the simplest things have the most significant impact; brightening up a neglected corner, planting trees, sowing wildflowers, community craft days all help to inspire people and demonstate that people do care.


Involving families helps to instill pride in communities through generations, if individuals are involved in change rather than having having change 'enforced on them' a sense of ownership is created and ensures longevity of a project.

Please contact us to find out if there is a project in your neighbourhood or to suggest an area for a Community Engagement Project.

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